How to REBUILD suspension STRUTS (shocks)

Published on December 1, 2020

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Eibach pro kit for the MR2 AW11:
Koni shocks front for the MR2 AW11:
Koni shocks rear for the MR2 AW11:

How to rebuild your struts (shocks). These are definitely struts, and not shocks, but a lot of people call them shocks, so I put it in the title.

The video covers the full process including showing you all the parts (strut housings, strut inserts (also called strut cartridges) which are actually simply shock absorbers, springs, dust seals, spring seats, the gland nut, top mounts, top mount bearings, and other small bits and pieces. I decided to replace my shocks with some Koni yellow sport shocks and my springs with some Eibach pro kit springs. I think this combo will be a world of difference compared to my previous setup and should offer a great balance between comfort, aggressive looks and handling performance.

The video also covers to full assembly of the strut and shows you in detail how to install the strut cartridge, compress the spring and how to install everything else.

Stay tuned for more videos on the suspension as we will be covering the install of the struts, the different suspension adjustments and other interesting content.

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How to REBUILD suspension STRUTS (shocks)

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