How to Rebuild a Brake Caliper (WITHOUT Removing it From Your Car!)

Published on November 23, 2020

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It this video I show you how to repair and rebuild a car brake caliper. Refurbishing a brake caliper is a quick, cheap and easy DIY job. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE for more helpful videos on random subjects (It’s FREE!) ➜

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The steps involved are:

1: Jack up the car and support on axle stands (‘crack’ wheel nuts first)
2: Remove wheel
2: Remove the caliper from its mounted position (you can leave the brake line attached)
3: Remove the pads
4: Remove the piston then clamp the brake line
5: Remove the seals and clean up the cylinder
6: Replace the seals
7: Fit the new piston
8: Bleed the brake
9: Clean and de-grease the whole area then re-assemble
10: Test the brakes – if spongy continue to bleed
11: Refit wheel, drop off axle stands, top up brake fluid then test drive vehicle

Why replace a brake caliper when you can refurbish it so easily?

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How to Rebuild a Brake Caliper (WITHOUT Removing it From Your Car!)

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