Fix It Right! – Automatic Transmission Service

Published on December 13, 2021

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Fix It Right! – Automatic Transmission Service (S1E2)
Demonstrated on a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4WD.

In this video, we demonstrate how to perform a full gasket-and-filter service on an automatic transmission. Most vehicle manufacturers suggest that this process be performed on regular intervals – usually 30,000 miles or 4 years, whichever comes first – but some manufacturers don’t recommend this process at all or have designed their transmissions to not need filter replacement.

Be sure to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specifics for your vehicle, such as whether and how often to perform this service and what fluids/oils to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please read the disclaimer text at the start of the video before attempting anything shown therein. Take your time, take care, and be safe!

About the “Fix It Right!” video series:

“Fix It Right!” is a series of how-to videos intended to give do-it-yourselfers basic instructions on proper vehicle repair and maintenance. All of our videos show real repairs being performed on real vehicles by real technicians in a real auto shop. (Repairs are filmed and shown with the permission of the vehicles’ owners.) Although there may be more than one way to perform any particular repair (and in many cases there are lots of ways!) we try to focus on the methods that will be safest and most expedient for DIYers with limited access to tooling and equipment.

We will also occasionally be showing repair processes that are too complex or dangerous for DIY, or require specialized tooling, expertise, equipment, and/or certifications. Those episodes will highlight the importance of hiring a professional auto technician for tasks that are not DIY-friendly, and demonstrate why such tasks are best left to professionals.

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Scoping Out A Trusted Cars And Truck Doctor

Whenever something goes wrong with your vehicle, you have to take it in to the store. They were chosen for their grades and test scores. Keeping pressures up and tires rotated can double the life of your tires, a huge cash saver.

Fix It Right! - Automatic Transmission Service

How To Become An Auto Repair Work Specialist

Some designs have comparable building with the windshield glass of a motorcycle. Pull the heat guard far from the area where it reaches the exhaust pipe. They were chosen for their grades and test scores.

If you compose vehicle repair approximates for a body store and you’re not looking though all of your not consisted of products in your p-pages, you are leaving a lot of cash unclaimed. These are operations that need to be carried out to finish the task. For that reason, the store and the professional ought to earn money for it.

Some payments Learn Auto Repair might be missed out on if the problem gets bad enough. This means that credit rating drop and suddenly, lots of things get back at more expensive. Poor credit scores mean that loans and insurance coverage might cost more. It may even indicate that individuals get declined for some credit or insurance coverage.

Examine the brake, power steering, transmission, and differential fluids. Leading up your windscreen wiper reservoirs, and think about taking an extra bottle along with you. There is nothing even worse that driving into the sun and straining to see through a bug-spattered windscreen.

Humans are such animals of habit. And ‘markets’ are just huge groups of human beings, so as a natural extension, industries have routines, too. However as customers and societies shift and evolve, so, too, should industries Auto Repair Traning .

The phone book is the # 1 method you will dump scads of cash down the drain and never see any return. When we talk to brand-new customers we ask them what they do to get their names out there, regularly.We hear: direct mail Car Repair DIY , discount coupons, internet. but really infrequently will anyone mention the phonebook.

Change your own oil: A specific with fundamental mechanical skills can find out how to alter their own motor oil. Using a funnel, the appropriate grade oil, wearing dirty-work outfit and putting on a set of gloves will be close to getting you to having the job done. Make sure to conserve a few empty milk jugs to tote the utilized lubricant to the regional car parts shop. Auto parts shops will normally recycle it at no charge to you. This assists you and the world.

This is a field with more need than they have employees to fill them. This may come as a surprise to you. It appears that during an economic crisis, numerous individuals are having a tough time discovering work. Yet here is a field that is sobbing for individuals and can’t find enough. Many individuals who used to work in car service center and factories already are gotten approved for the above water jobs. Coincidentally, these are likewise the tasks that have many individuals who are laid off but do not understand about oil rig tasks.

Automotive repair work is not always cut and dry. This suggests that you might need numerous sources of details in order to repair your automobile appropriately. The library is the place for you if this is the case. Lots of libraries have several racks of how-to vehicle repair guides. This is a fantastic method to learn more about brand-new techniques and be able to complete even the trickiest of vehicle repair work. With the help of these resources, you will be well on your method to effectively repairing your own automobile!

It was the first day of the rest of her life and she had huge wish for success. Next, inject the resin; this will get rid of the air between the windshield and the suction cup. Whatever was made with ability and experience.

The very best suggestions can originate from family and friends. Parts start malfunctioning, and parts start breaking. 1) School experience – What was your favorite topic in school?
They are continuously in the search of the marketplaces that offer the automobile parts at affordable rate. Thankfully, you can find an online car repair manual to help you with the procedure.

This is not a bad thing, as it’s usually just condensation. This can make some room for a new car, or other items that you need some area for at your house. Your back, elbows and back of the head will thank you!

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