DIY Long Range Electric Skateboard For Skatepacking & Longboard Touring: Esk8 Build And Test Run

Published on December 21, 2021

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Skatepacking, or Longboard Touring, is the idea of backpacking on a skateboard or longboard. I want to take it one step further, by doing it on an electric skateboard! In this video, I build and test my long range esk8, built specifically to have hot-swappable batteries for near infinite range (if you have enough batteries)! The whole build is essentially an Ownboard W2 dual belt drive kit strapped to a Loaded Bhangra V2 Flex 1, with a battery case mounted up top to hotswap the batteries in all of sixty seconds. Make sure you subscribe for upcoming skatepacking trips with this board!

As mentioned in the video, this is the evolution from my first build, which was more of an offroad/all terrain build:

Curious about Skatepacking or electric skateboards as they relate to EDC or outdoors adventures?

Want to build a similar board? Here’s my referral link to Ownboards website (You’re looking for the Ownboard W2 Kit)

Amazon Associates disclaimer (required): After clicking an Amazon Associates link, purchasing this item or any other item on Amazon within 24 hours of doing so results in me receiving a small commission, which comes out of the base cost of the item (you’re not being charged anything extra).

Case I used for top-mounting my battery: [Canada]

My Filming Equipment:

Canon Rebel SL2: [Canada] [USA]

DJI Mavic Mini ‘Fly More’ combo [Canada] [USA]

Rode VideoMic GO [Canada] [USA]

Rode DDCGO wind shield: [Canada] [USA]

GoPro Hero Session 4 [Canada] [USA]

If you want to help out the channel:

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DIY Long Range Electric Skateboard For Skatepacking & Longboard Touring: Esk8 Build And Test Run

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