DIY All electric EV Volkswagen Beetle conversion using Tesla bits by Traction EV

Published on December 8, 2020

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While we were at a recent Euro car meet in Brisbane last weekend, something very cool caught our eye – this all electric Beetle..

We had a chat to the mad scientist behind the project, James Pauly, who makes these creations for customers in his garage.

Complete with a 30,000v taser instead of an exhaust, this is a road legal, 120hp classic with a 160km range, and over 120hp, with the ability to crank it up higher if the owner is game 🙂

Thanks very much to James for taking the time to have a chat about his creation, and we might soon be knocking on Traction EV’s door to make us something unique in the future 🙂

28kwh Tesla Battery, 120hp electric motor.

Transmissions And Vehicle Repair

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DIY All electric EV Volkswagen Beetle conversion using Tesla bits by Traction EV

Keeping Your Automobile Safe

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