2000 Mercedes S430 722.6 transmission control unit TCU repaired

Published on December 5, 2020

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PARDON THE AUDIO, LOWER VOLUME !!!! Took video with my cell phone when testing TCU. It’s either this video or nothing 🙂 Would not reopen TCU after sealing it.

The main power regulating chip number is 4267G. SOP package. This is very common problem with W220 S-class cars. Leaves block the drain by windshield and water enters into computer box and enters computers. Also, transmission fluid can also enter TCU damaging it. In my case car will not crank over. Main ME computer was also bad. Opened it and cleaned very well and it started to work, thank God. Very problematic to replace it as it’s married to the car. After ME-computer started to work Star Diagnostic showed that drive authorization is a go but car still would not crank over. There was no communication with TCU with Star Diagnostic, no indication of which gear the car in on instrument cluster. So ME computer would not know which gear transmission is in and position of starter lock out switch inside transmission conductor plate. I tried two other computers from ML430 and 2002 S500. Both showed on Star Diagnostic as “Unknown Unit”, car still would not crank but on cluster display came up showing which gear the car is in. So I attempted to repair original TCU, part number 0225455132. While checking voltages there was 5 volts on small power regulator on the right. But on main power regulator 4267G had pin1-12 volts in(correct), pin2-10.8 out(correct), pin3-0.8 out(should be 4.9 volts), pin4 ground(correct), pin5-0(should be around 3volts), pin6-ground(correct), pin7-0.8(should be 4.9volts). So no power would go to processor and other chips. Replaced power regulator with spare that came out of 97 Mercedes C280 TCU with damaged board. All readings came up correctly and voltages were detected on all chips. Plug it to the car, still no start before TCU had all codes erased with Star Diagnostic. Star had ALL codes possible stored into TCU, I had to scroll down the page. After all erased car started right up!
These TCUs are available from junk yards and not that expensive. I actually ordered one from junk yard but it didn’t come in yet and I already repaired mine in the mean time. That power regulator should not cost a lot and maybe this info helps someone. I could not find ANY info on repairing this TCU except for cleaning it with contact cleaner as either water or transmission fluid enters TCU and damages it.
I’m sure I can find and replace chips in these TCUs but probably cannot test them completely as they are different for different cars. If someone is interested you can mail me your bad unit and I can try to repair it. if it works we can work out the price for repair. Some TCUs are hard to find and Mercedes will charge small fortune for one brand new. Visit my site at www.RestoreYourMercedes.com and email me with inquiries. I do not check YouTube videos much.
Good luck

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2000 Mercedes S430 722.6 transmission control unit TCU repaired

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Discover how to be preventative in regards to automobile repair. You can do things that will assist suppress any future concerns from happening! A big one is to follow the recommended tune-up schedule for your vehicle. As each car is different, you’ll wish to search for in your manual what schedule is best for you.

Some vehicle history initially. We’ll start off with calling the DIYer Jim. Jim was literally pulling his hair out. He required to get his vehicle to pass the states emissions test in order to get an existing Evaluation Sticker. He borrowed a pals “mini scan tool” and got the code p0171, left bank lean. Meaning the left bank O2 sensing unit had “seen” a continuous lean condition and activated a code to embed in the PCM and turn on the Examine Engine Light.

Sometimes, car dents can be in an extremely serious condition that it might be unwise for you to do the repair by yourself. When you need to ask aid from the right experts, this is.

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The single thing allowed to remain underneath the automobile must be the jack stands. The Internet is obstructed nowadays with DIY details. For that reason, the shop and the professional should earn money for it.
Each brand name uses slight different methods and flash times. What was broken and ineffective is now a fantastic creative treasure. Those who are proative and keep up with their education are usually the most effective in life.

Whatever was finished with skill and experience. And ‘markets’ are simply huge groups of humans, so as a natural extension, markets have habits, too. Or perhaps you just prefer to get the work done for you and move on.

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